How it works

Our rewards system works in three easy steps

1. Sign up and create an account via the link above. You will receive 500 points for just signing up! That is enough for a $5 voucher!

2. Earn points every time you purchase something either at The General or on the Zontes Footstep website.

3. Redeem points for exclusive discounts at The General or on the Zonte's Footstep website.


Ways to earn points

Spending money either at The General or on the Zonte's Footstep website isn't the only way to earn points. Points will be automatically awarded on special dates such as the anniversary of your sign up and your birthday. More ways are explained at the link at the top of the page.


Redeeming your points

Redeeming your points is easy! There are two ways in which you can redeem your hard-earned points. 

1. Visit us at The General and redeem your points in-person to use at The General

2. Visit the Zonte's Footstep website to redeem your points to use on their website.

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